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An affectionate Bondage for Blind and Disabled

Orphan Blind / Disabled girls especially at teenage are the most suffering groups. Less educated, less fortunate Blind/Disabled Orphan teenage girls needs inevitable support from the Society to lead a respectable life

"Prerana" is a ray of hope in the midst of darkness for the destitute women, poor children and disabled individuals. Set up in 1992, by the dedicated women of Goraguntepalya. "Prerana" spearheads the struggle for the welfare of the less fortunate people.

Smt.M.R. Prashantha. M.A. (Psy.) is a dedicated Social Worker during her exclusive visit to rural parts, she is moved by the pathetic conditions of the disabled especially visually impaired teenage girls of the rural area. Her determination to uplift the blind/disabled girls resulted in establishment of 'PRERANA' Hostel for the Blind/Disabled teenage girls.

The main focus of "Prerana" has been the upliftment of neglected, disabled poor girls especially the blind, by training them, providing employment and instilling confidence in them to lead a normal cheerful life inspite of the handicap. Prerana is also involved in many activities for the upliftment of local poor and also to bringing about social and cultural awareness in them.

PRERANA is providing FREE FOOD & SHELTER for 120 teen age BLIND/ DISABLED POOR ORPHAN girls. We have about 58 Totally Blind, 25girls without both the legs, 23 with single leg, 7 deaf & dumb, 7 mentally challenged teen-age girls from remote villages of Karnataka State.

The Important activities of Prerana are:
* Providing FREE HOSTEL for 120 Blind/ Disabled/ Downtrodden destitute women.
* Counseling service for Blind / Disabled.
* Providing Education for Blind / Disabled orphan girls from Interior village.
* Orientation and Mobility training.
* Home Management training.
* Providing Vocational Training like Garlands, Basket Making, Cover Making etc
* Organizing Marriages of visually impaired / disabled girls.
* Training in Industries & Placement.
* Providing aids and appliances / Referral services.
* Conducting Awareness generation programes in Interior villages.


Prerana Resource Centre is Exempted from Income Tax under Rule 80 (G). Registered under Foreign contribution Act.